AiK Insights is an application that is available to you at any time without limitation.

AiK Insights allows you to track your brand's position in relation to competitors.
Keep up with the trends and market needs.
Analyze trends to make the right decision for your business

Who are we?

AiK Insights are your reliable partner in making the right ones business decisions. The dedication of our team is reflected in everyday life updating the database and data that are available to you at any time.

What are we doing?

In a unique and comprehensive way, we collect data of the movement of the promotional products prices that are available through an online catalog.

What information we provide?

The app provides unique data of the movement of the promotional products prices. Data can be compared with the previous period, filtering by brand, retailer, producer.

To whom is the application intended?

The application is for everyone who based their business decisions on the market analysis and to be at one step ahead of their own competitors. THIS APPLICATION IS INTENDED ONLY FOR MARKETS OF "SERBIA" AND "BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA"

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